C.C.M. cj-7 v1.0.3 Mod


C.C.M. cj-7 v1.0.3 Mod

mod was built from scratch by me except for the obvious exceptions of the base game bumpers, snorkel, and tires. this is my first mod released of hopefully many more to come. the jeep is a continuous project of mine that i hope to see finished as i learn how to improve my modeling abilities.

things to still come.

1. full hp interior and mirrors for an interior view
2. bumpers of my own design
3. parts, gas, and tire addons
4. more detail on the body in general

special thanks to pohgrim/mr.excuses for all of the help in bringing this to fruition, be sure to check out his mods if you haven’t already (unlike mine, his are detailed and nice and complete)

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