Enhanced Chevy CK1500 TrailWolf K1500 V2 M181 2.0.0 Mod


Enhanced Chevy CK1500 “TrailWolf K1500” V2 M181 2.0.0 Mod

WELCOME TO VERSION 2.0!!! As many of you know, the K1500 was my first mod here on mod io. Since making this truck, I have learned a lot and made a lot more interesting vehicles. I have wanted to revisit the Silverado for some time and make it into something better. Rather than make a whole new truck. I figured I would make the truck that got everything off the ground in the first place even better. There are too many changes to note here without making the top of the front page a mess, so check out the patch notes for everything that has been changed. Thanks for the support and I plan on making many more XML tweak trucks for all of you!

The K1500 is a great starter truck out of the box however it is overshadowed by the Hummer H2. This mod “LS swaps” the Silverado into having the H2 drivetrain and adds a wide variety of wheel & tire options. Plus a locked diff and larger fuel tank.

This is a pretty simple mod overall. Just an H2 mechanically. The fuel tank size has been brought up to 150L for greater range, and the diff is always locked in. There is a wide variety of wheel options for sizes and offsets, to make the truck look as tame or wild as you want (pulled from LoB’s H2).

I recommend getting FOXCRF450RIDER’s Off Road Trailers mod to compliment the increased ride height. Stock has been increased a little bit, and lifted a lot.

Version history:
Aug 13 2020 – 2.0.0
– Overhauled steering
– Set parking brake to both axles
– Changed engine icon to larger V8
– Added new Autonomous Winch +
– Improved Socket naming schema
– Added new 3rd suspension option
– Swapped out wheels set to an all new set of options including Acteon and F750
– Added V2 to UI Name
– Added many new visual customization options
– Added many new paint schemes including a CAF Search and Rescue inspired design
– Fixed duplicates
– General code clean-up

Aug 4 2020 – 1.0.4
– Truck now spawns in bumper-less so that’s an option for those that want to
– Truck now spawns in on H2 wheels
– Adjusted both stock and lifted suspension options. Now more soft and lifted for both. Fixed rake as well.
– Adjusted pricing up very slightly
– General code clean-up & updating to most recent live version

Jul 24 2020 – 1.0.3
– Added roof crane socket from test server
– Fixed pintle trailer location to look a little better
– Added TrailWolf to name and changed UI text a little
– Bumped up price slightly to be $100 more than stock Silverado

Jul 16 2020 – 1.0.2
– Fixed snorkel unlock
– Fixed CrawlerBox unlock

Jul 14 2020 – 1.0.1
– Added ability to tow pintle hitch trailers
– Softened front suspension a little bit
– Duplicates fixed for all but stock front bumper (has loading error otherwise)

Jul 12 2020 – 1.0.0
– Levelled out the suspension
– Unlocked the tall snorkel because the mushroom cap one looks awful

This is the official release. Still need to sort out duplicate options but doesn’t affect usability.

Jul 12 2020 – 0.9.2
– Should have proper custom gearbox now. Early version was the testing version from LoB1325’s Hummer

Jul 12 2020 – 0.9.1
– Removed excess files
– Added custom gearbox
– Colours work now
– Subscribe to install should work now
– Still need to sort out why visual customizations are coming up as duplicates, will try and fix before 1.0

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