Fish oil of Leningrad river ships Map v1.0


Fish oil of Leningrad river ships Map v1.0

Hello comrades, this is my 5th card. At the start, you can replace all open vehicles (and MAZ-535 and ZIL-130). This, however, will break the plot, but the very passage of the map does not depend on them.

The number of vehicles may vary depending on the version you are playing on. In version 1.7.1, for some reason, the K-700 “Kirovets” was removed, so in its place I put the MTZ-80 “Belorus” (from the free DLC Vehicle Pack 01), if you are playing on a version where this add-on is supported and Kirovets is also not cut, then you will have both of these transports.

Size: 32×32

On the map:
– 1 garage (closed);
– 3 gas stations;
– 2 felling sites;
– 2 points of loading;
– 3 sawmills;
– 9-10 cars on the map (4 are open);
– 5 points of intelligence.

From a clipping of radio frequency observation in the Leningrad Region.
– Post: FO-94O-LR-73-S;
– Time: 07: 58: 12: 55;
– Frequency: 163.28; Interference: 19%
– OLPGR: 2 people (2 men);
– Value of information: no;
– Pay special attention to: no;
– Radio sentry’s notes: no.

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