Frogs Monstrousity II (26 Door OBS Ford) v1.0.1 Mod


Frog’s Monstrousity II (26 Door OBS Ford) v1.0.1 Mod

The Monstrousity, back in mudrunner i had a 14 door version of this that was made out of boredom and testing the limits of the game, and today we have its big brother The Monstrousity II a 26 door monster that can go from an over the top mud limo to just an insane vehicle that is basically unstoppable because of its size alone

Ill continue to tweak this as needed

REMEMBER, this truck is made for the lolz of it so dont take it too seriously, but it can seriously haul some cargo for you if that tickles your fancy

Multiple Upgrades for Transmission, Suspension, Engine, and Tire Sizes

this beast can float on its tires and cruise through the water with parts labeled Floatation, will have some slight issues on land so take it easy on your way to the water

Has Active Suspension on the Mudrunner and Lifted AF Suspensions (this way it can fit under the signs at Truck Night) lift it for extra height

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