Frogs Transporter v1.0.0


TnB Customs Presents: Frog’s Transporter
Has console files
2 versions 6×6 and 8×8 (8×8 has a lift axle just use change suspension mode in advanced options)
Stress Tested Through Amur Russia
Full Interior
Broken Gauges
Hauls all stock trailers as well as my custom trailers and reds trailers
Compatible with Frog’s Trailer Pack and [IR] Gooseneck Trailer Pack

Engine: Balanced to High Performance Logging Tune
Gearbox: Balanced to Logging Tune
Suspension: Stock, Lifted, Hi Lift, and a new “Scout” style tune
Tires: bfgs, generic studded tires, and generic All Terrains
Winch: Autonomous
Diff. Lock: Always
Frame Addons: uses stock addons as well as a 2 Custom Side Boards (for each version), a Custom Uhaul

Door Stickers, Sleeper Stickers, Hood Stickers
Bumpers: small bumper and a Wide load version

Interior Customization
Sleeper Stuff Bobble heads Color Full selection of color options

Full selection of color options

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