Glitchworks Tuned BreadLoaf v1.1.0


I managed to catch up on my backlog of requests… here I present to you, the Glitchworks “BreadLoaf” We have the usual assortment of GW tuned parts along with a bunch of parts borrowed from the Glitchworks Chevy C/K 1500. I was surprised at how well this little Loaf tuned up. We doubled the stock engine power and gave it a much softer and more plush suspension ride. She isnt going to win any awards in the mud bog competition, but it’s still quick, nimble, and feisty!

  • Added GW tuned engines and suspensions
  • Added GW tuning to the stock winches for increased length and power, especially the extended offline winch
  • Added multiple front and rear bumper options
  • Added custom side pipes for some extra flare
  • Added BigDubz420 tire pack along with his Mil-Spec wheel/tire combo
  • Added GW Super Swampers and Wagon Wheels
  • Added 3 fuel cans inside with 240L of fuel

This little thing went from useless to a capable scout, hopefully you guys enjoy it.

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