Immersion through graphics and physics tweak pack v1.2


Immersion through graphics and physics tweak pack v1.2

Manual Install ONLY!

This is my FIRST MOD, still Work in progress. It has been a Massive undertaking, editing and testing over 150 files.

Took me days and countless hours of testing. I sincerely hope you will enjoy it.

It’s also hard to capture on pictures, needs to be played to feel it out because there is a lot of changes big and small.

The pack contains 3 Parts

  • Particle Mod – Increased mud, dust, snow, water, leaves, grass to more realistic density and interaction. More and longer lasting smoke from exhausts. Too much to list all.
  • Visibility Mod – Improve visibility by removing a lot of the games fog, better shadows, and removing the blinding bright bloom from the sky. (recommend disable Lightshafts in games options)
  • Weather Mod – More intense snow and rainfall, also longevity of snowflakes so they build up a little.

All 3 can be installed at once or just one.

Installation Instructions:

I take no responsibility for damages and bricked games (unlikely but that’s why you backup)

  • Make a backup somewhere safe of .SnowRunneren_uspreloadpaksclientinitial.pak
  • Open initial.pak with winrar, and then drag and drop the [media] folder from the mod you want to activate
  • Load the game and test
  • ???
  • Profit in better experience!

To reverse, replace the initial.pak with your backup.

It’s possible to combine with other mods that change initial.pak as long as they don’t use the same files.

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