International Transtar 4070X 1.1 Mod


International Transtar 4070X 1.1 Mod

Nothing fancy, quick xml edit. It doesn’t replace the original Transtar, it’s an entirely new truck in the truck store.

always-on AWD and always-on differential lock
high-ish suspension
big offroad dually tyres
basic vanilla frame addons

You can buy it at rank 1 for 40k-ish cash in every region, USA and Russia. Unlocks customization just the same as the original Transtar except the AWD, diff lock, suspension and tyres, those are different from the original truck and come stock with this modded Transtar.

Oh, and I moved the front wheels in closer together so they fit under the truck more. Looks a bit confused. But to make up for it I made the rear tyres stand out more so it looks even worse. Help.
Also I had to tinker with the fixtures (bumper, exhaust, snorkel and stuff) so it comes naked when you buy it. You have to put the exhaust on before buying the snorkel as those are dependent on each other.

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