[IR] Trackers 1969 Ford Bronco TTC v1.0.0 Mod


[IR] Tracker’s 1969 Ford Bronco TTC v1.0.0 Mod

Works only on the public test server until November 16th

Since DevilDrivingHell released his TTC map I’m sure many players are eager to run the courses with Tracker Bain’s Top Truck Challenge rig, so I’ve decided to release it to the public. If you are a member of donator access, please head to my discord to find out what I replaced it’s spot with.

I don’t want to hear “its overpowered” or “why doesn’t it haul trailers”. Guys, its a crawler. Take it to crawling maps. It has little use in the campaign so if you’re into that I would look for something else. This is truck meant to help keep the crawling train rollin moving from MudRunner

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