KAMAZ-6560 Truck v2.3


KAMAZ-6560 Truck v2.3

The chassis was developed for the ZRPK 96K6 Pantsir-S1. Currently, the car is produced by the plant in modification 6560-43 in two versions: a chassis for installing special extension cords (6560-3198-43) and a flatbed truck (6560-6610-43).

When fully loaded, the machine has an axle load of more than 10 tons, therefore its use on public roads is limited. The vehicle is intended for use in non-hazardous storage conditions. The vehicle’s factory resource is 180-300 thousand km. depending on the severity of the operating conditions. The total weight of the towed trailer is 12,000 kg, and the total weight of the road train is 50,000 kg. On the basis of the machine, the Galich Crane Plant produces mobile cranes of the 50-ton class: KS-65713, boom 34.1 m and maximum load moment, TM 160, KS-65715 with a range of 40 m and maximum load moment, TM 170.

Version 2.3 for SnowRunner (v10.1):
– Removed erroneous code fragments;
– Fixed physics of suspension settings – the car has become more realistic and stable;
– Bridges no longer stick out anywhere;
– Added a new wide roof rack;
– The headlights have been improved;
– The signal sound is amplified.

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