Your old friend Zhenya returned from the USA, where he received a higher education and was elected as the new mayor in his old seedy town.He also brought American trucks with him (you decide whether to drive them or sell and buy your own), you have to organize work on the construction of new businesses in the city and improve the suburbs. Summer turned out to be very warm, the nights are very short and bright (you can not miss it). The garage is open, you just need to find it by following the signs from the parking lot. The region has two maps, a city and a village, each 1 by 1 km in size. It would be very interesting to drive around the city and the countryside in cars with not all-wheel drive and on road tires, except when you have to go to the logging site. Deal with the bridges first.

Translated into Russian, English, French, German, Czech, Portuguese, Polish and Spanish.

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