M181 ANK MK38 PUMA v1.0.1 Mod


M181 ANK MK38 “PUMA” v1.0.1 Mod

The ANK MK38 is a truck in Snow*Runner I’ve always wanted to mess with, but the fixed bed made it pretty hard to change in any useful way. However as I have gotten more familiar with the game and how it works, I think I’ve found a to make it customizable. By making the ANK spawn in with a “hidden” flatdeck, it allows it to use other frame-add-ons while still being able to take on cargo. Of course the weak spot with this is you need to re-equip the flatdeck if you remove it, so it has a $0 cost. The truck is not able to haul cargo without the flatdeck installed. That is simply the nature of the beast required to make this mod work. There is not a full selection of add-ons, because some simply do not work with the bed in place. Some of the add-ons have some clipping, which I am well aware of, but it was all about small sacrifices to make the truck work. I know the spare wheel is “in” the mudflaps. For those curious, the Quasi tires have the same grip values as the Tayga tires, just with modifiers for their respective widths, and if they have studs.

Changes over the stock ANK MK38 include:
Handbrake on all axles
Revised drivetrain pattern (now switches between R-4WD and A-6WD)
Realistic fuel capacity
Heavy winch set with Auto Winch
Revised suspension tuning
Engine has gotten a tune up (Revised sound profile and less smoke)
New powertrain options
Hugely expanded wheel options including Quasimiyao Mud Tires
Lightly modified physics
Revised lighting front and rear (Now has reverse lights)
No region / exploration lock
Frame add-ons!
More customization options
Many new paint options

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