Transport Cooperative Map v 1.0

Transport Cooperative Map v1.0

Transport Cooperative Map v1.0

Transport Cooperative Map v1.0

Transport Cooperative Map v1.0

I submit to your court my first, for MudRunnerbkartu “Transport Cooperative”

The map is for fans of not only knead the dirt, but also for lovers of non-standard transport, such as train and ferry.

In fact, the ferry, train and logging trucks are closely related here! But there are also options for solving problems in case of loss of the locomotive. With attention to the card, you can go without using the train, but you will have to take care of the ferry like the apple of your eye! It (the ferry) is one and in case of its loss the chances will be even zero.

Initially, you will need to find a locomotive, a truck with garage parts. Then, using the locomotive, deliver the reconnaissance vehicle to where the ferry is located! Or, be smart and find the ferry in another way, without using a locomotive. Well, then … you decide how you organize the delivery of the forest.

Map Information:
– Map of maximum size, not very dirty.
– One garage – closed
– One gas station
– One point of manual loading (no auto loading)
– Six sawmills
– Nine intelligence points

Cars at the start:

Starting cars can be changed to your car. UAZ-469 I recommend (in the case of replacement) to replace a pick-up truck or other truck of a smaller size than the ZIL-130.

Machines on the map:
– Ural-4320
– K-700
– Barge
– Locomotive TEP-70

The archive has a modified Media file, without it the steam will not float!
Neither try to disembark from the ferry, as the author of the ferry Vicheslav Sinitsyn warned, you might lose the ferry and the car!


Lone Wanderer

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