Realistic graphics + fix ReShade & ST mod v 2.2

Realistic graphics + fix ReShade & ST mod v1.0

Realistic graphics + fix ReShade & ST mod v1.0

Realistic graphics + fix ReShade & ST mod v1.0

Realistic graphics + fix ReShade & ST mod v1.0

Graphic mod in the first place did for myself and friends.


1- Replaces the original game loot cards to return natural colors.
2- Removes noise at night.
3- Removes stains on the camera.
4- Changes the weather and making the atmosphere of the game enjoyable.
5- Headlights, dimensions, brake lights, reverse gear adapted for ReShade and looks much better.
6- Turns off daytime headlights (chevrolet_k5_blazer_lights, hummer_h1_trunk_roof, uaz_trunk).
7- Turns off street lights during the day.
8- ReShade does not conflict with spintires Mod.
9- Compatible with 11/19/18, 10/18/18 and 05/21/18.


1. Download * Realistic graphics + fix ReShade & ST mod *. And remove the old mod.
2. Unpack the archive in any place.
3. Copy the files from the folder of the desired version of all the files in the root directory of the game. We agree to replace the files.
4. Run the file * Clear the cache (without resetting the game). Bat * to clear the cache. Be sure to !!!
5. Run Steam.
6. For Windows 10, just launch the game and enjoy!
7. For Windows 7, run * ENBInjector.exe * and start the game. If ReShade is launched, then turn off the game and close * ENBInjector.exe * as it is no longer needed while the game is running. We expand the game and enjoy!
In the folder * All-Shaders-additional shaders * additional shaders.
The * Home * button opens the ReShade settings.
Button * Print Screen * saves the screenshot to the Screenshot folder in the root of the game.
The * F4 * button enables and disables ReShade effects.
That’s all!

P.S. Remember that you can always adjust to your taste colors, brightness, contrast, saturation and other settings. BUT

Also add additional shaders, but consider the more shaders, the more resources are spent. Do not install in

4K texture game if your video card does not support this. And the game engine itself is not designed for 4K textures.
More details can be found in the Instruction.txt file.

And also posted a video on YouTube.
I hope you enjoy the mod.



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