Realistic lossless graphics v 1.6

Realistic lossless graphics v1.0

Realistic lossless graphics v1.0

Realistic lossless graphics v1.0

Realistic lossless graphics v1.0


1- Replaces the original game loot cards to return natural colors.
2- Removes noise at night.
3- Removes stains on the camera.
4- Changes the weather and making the atmosphere of the game enjoyable.
5- Headlights, dimensions, brake lights, reverse looks much better.
6- Turns off daytime headlights (chevrolet_k5_blazer_lights, hummer_h1_trunk_roof, uaz_trunk).
7- Turns off street lights during the day.
8- Compatible with 11/19/18, 10/18/18.


1. Download * Realistic graphics *.
2. Unpack the archive in any place.
3. Copy all files to the root directory of the game.
4. Run the file * Clear the cache (without resetting the game). Bat * to clear the cache. Be sure to !!!
5. Run the game and enjoy!
6. For online play, SpinTiresMod is required.
That’s all!

P.S. Fps does not squander at all. The mod is a simplified version of the mod * Realistic graphics + fix ReShade & ST mod *, for those who do not have ReShade, or a computer is below average.
If you have a gtx 550 or higher video card, you can use the version with additional shaders that improve the graphics several times and with the possibility of adjusting to your taste.
More details can be found in the Instruction.txt file.

I hope you enjoy the mod.



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