Simplified garage menu and 4GB patch v 1.1

Simplified garage menu and 4GB patch v1.0

Simplified garage menu and 4GB patch v1.0

It removes the 2GB limit for the game and the game can use more RAM, which prevents crashes due to lack of memory.
In the add-ons selection menu, excess labels have been removed.
There is also a version for SpinTiresMod 1.9.2 bets1 (MudRunner.190814.LAAPatched.exe).

Why did I do this? Because in the version 08/14/19 the tooltip is now on top of the add-on menu and overlaps the overview.

Throw in the root directory of the game and all.

I hope the modified igdzhki games come in handy.
Read more in the installer.
News, update history and conviction in the VK group

P.S. I can say the C ++ language almost do not know. And if someone knows the C ++ language well, then this plate can also be taken out to another area. While we are waiting for a good specialist, you can play on my modification))).

Version 1.1 for Spintires: MudRunner (v14.08.19):
Reworked for the game on 08/14/19 and for SpinTiresMod 1.9.2 bets1 for the version of the game on 08/14/19



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