(S19) Boothbay Harbor Map v03.11.20


(S19) Boothbay Harbor Map v03.11.20

Welcome to Boothbay Harbor! This map was created in collaboration with the author’s wife, who built over 70% of the map herself.

Here in the harbor, you will find yourself on a west coast island surrounded by fir and fir trees as the main source of timber for logging, however, in order to finish work on the New Harbor Bridge for an easy journey back, we need to go to the east coast harbor to cut these birches and bring them back to the west side and continue working on the New Bridge! Winter will come before you have time to look back.

To start the map, you need 4 DLCs: Valley, Ridge, American Wilds and Old-timers.
The models used are Nix / Tattoo / Forces / SmarOneNine.

On the map:
– 2 garages (closed);
– 1 fuel station;
– 2 logging sites + 1 loading point;
– 2 sawmills;
– 7 cars + 1 slot for a car (replaceable).

Size: 1024 x 320 meters.
Height size: 64 meters.

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