Spintires Plus v15


Spintires Plus v15

Spintires Plus is a collection of game-changing hacks / changes for Spintires.

Installation: copy the files to the game folder.

Version 15 for SpinTires (v1.7.0):
This is v1.7.0 compatibility update plus a couple of additions:
– AlwaysAllowSpawnLocators: due to a bug, this is already in the game v1.7.0. So the feature has been temporarily removed in ST + v15 but will return as soon as the bug is fixed.

– BatteryPoweredWinch: in v1.70, the winch requires fuel, but battery powered winches do not increase fuel consumption.

1. Now uses the same icons as on the F1 minimap.
2. Now all trucks are displayed (red = current truck, blue = all others)
3. Now shows camera position in white when using free camera mode.

– AlternateDifflockDamage now fires more often.

Bugfix: Cars with different diameter drive wheels suffered differential damage when driving straight on flat terrain.

– LoadPointsPerObjective: replaced with LoadPointsPerObjectiveMultiplier. As of version 1.7.0, the game no longer forces all targets on the map to require the same amount of points, but LoadPointsPerObjective will force them back to a common value, so there is now a multiplier instead. Call it a game duration multiplier if you like.

– EnginesCantChoke: new feature. It always annoyed me when trucks clicked and lost power when accelerating. So, finally, there was time to cut him off.

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