Textures pack default-plus v1.0


Textures pack default-plus v1.0

I present to your attention a mod for changing textures in the game MudRunner. These are the textures and meshes of the models that I went through, reworked and put together to make the game a little better in rendering. But how much better or worse it turned out – you will decide individually, did it for yourself and for your monitor, in terms of saturation and contrast. Everyone is free to choose what to use and what to replace, or refuse altogether. Collected from various sources: the Internet, similar games, other authors.

Briefly about fashion:
Many textures are already familiar to you and you have tried them more than once, many of them are larger in size than the native ones, so if you have a weak PC, try it carefully, or don’t try it at all. In the mod there are weather xml files for the weather, which can be replaced with your own or deleted altogether and remain on default, but some textures are attached to them, so do everything in your mind.

Folders with xml files, overlays, particles, plants are also neat, textures and meshes are also attached to them. Many will ask a question about the performance with other mods and a multiplayer game, I did the test on default without multiplayer and mods, so everyone tries to compose for themselves. Regarding Adega_mod, since many people use it, mix it at your discretion, but make sure that the files are not overwritten or overlapped, otherwise you will get a pun that no one can figure out.

The meshes will also replace some of the default ones, in them new trees, bushes, stones, grass, which seemed to me a little better than the default ones, are taken from Spintires. There are a few problems with trees that I cannot solve yet, this is planting theirs a little higher than I would like, because of this the roots look a little not beautiful, let go as much as they could and the height of the trees is slightly higher than the default ones and because of this the shadows do not coincide with the relatives installed in mapping. The stones are also new, they may be a little buggy, but after losing weight it seems to be normal, it’s as lucky there, but you can still lose weight. There may be drawbacks, I tested one, there is only one error in the log on env_mud_particle, which blocks pieces of dirt on the wheels. He’s from Spintires, so the version error will be highlighted.

It is very difficult with dirt, color, saturation of dirt. As long as it is, they are two different: autumn, summer. The stakes are also taken from spintires. I like it more than sharp-cornered mud flakes. I tried very hard to combine the coatings in color, contrast and saturation, but a lot depends on the mappers. In general, what is – that is, suits me, I think you will also like it. Experience the taste and color!

(Test system video card GeForce 2060s processor i5 8600 6 cores, monitor 2k, fps keeps 75, this is for information, download or not.)

Thanks to the authors whose materials were also used: Naor Levi, Adega, Saber Interactive, Oovee and maybe someone else, I don’t know everyone.

1. Download the mod.
2. And then there are several options. Either unpack and scatter in folders, or do not unpack, but copy it to the mod manager in the spmod and activate it, setting the priority at your discretion, each has an individual setting, it all depends on how he manipulates the game files.

The last and penultimate screenshots are compared with the default. The screenshots are made with a reshade and disabled settings in the game except for ssao, I don’t see the point without a reshade, almost everyone uses it.

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