The Kawarthas Region v2.1 Mod


The Kawarthas Region v2.1 Mod

The Kawarthas Region consists of three of my maps. Splitridge Peaks, Stoney Creek and Aspen Hills. I have added some multi map missions and made alot of changes to these maps to make them work together. Its an Autumn Focused landscape that has everything from rock crawling to sand dune running and everything in between. Most places do not have very dense trees so making your own path is almost always and option.

50+ Missions some being multiple map runs
tons of trucks and trailers to be found, sold, delivered
every kind of driving can be found over the three maps
I tried to put a bunch of Russian trucks around since there is only acess to US trucks in the garage.

This is my first attempt at the region setup so there may be some mistakes. I would love to hear about them if you encounter any

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