Kootenay Mountains Map

Kootenay Mountains Map

Kootenay Mountains Map

Kootenay Mountains Map

Kootenay Mountains Map

Map for American trucks, made on the basis of the Canadian region called Kootenay.

Use American tractors and delivered skid for transportation of skidder to reach the asphalt road, load the logs and load them and bring them to the mill.

To start the card requires the presence of DLC “American Wilds”.

On the map:

– 1 garage (closed);
– 1 fuel station;
– 8 points of intelligence;
– 6 random loading points;
– 2 sawmills;
– 5 cars + 2 slots for cars.

The 2nd car should be changed only for a similar truck with the DLC “American Wilds”, otherwise in single player mode the game does not open the garage. In multiplayer, you can replace both cars.



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One Comment on “Kootenay Mountains Map”

  1. I have recently downloaded this map and finished it in 5 hours and 33 minutes alone (all whatchpoints unlocked-8, all trucks unlocked-8, 2 sawmills). The map isnt muddy so you can turn off awd from time to time, it has some asphalt. The vehicles are not that bad, but not the best either, you have like 4 B-131 (ZIL-131) that i used for refueling and 2 of my favorite trucks (C-255). The map has bridges, so dont worry about big waters, the map has a lot of curves and most of them around bridges.
    One big advantage/disadvantage is that there are no automatic loading points, so the player has to get the hang of the log crane on the c 255. The map may seem boring alone so be sure you have a friend to play with since the roads are long. There is one fuel station in the corner of the map so be sure you use a refueling truck( pick one from the B 121) as the log loading point is in the other corner of the map.
    YOU NEED A GOOD SCOUT TO GET THE WHATCHPOINTS, a land rover is ok. Mods are not that hard to install so have some.

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