DubzTracker is small SUV that draws its power from the creature within. This somewhat modded from factory setup buggy proves to be unstoppable, along with the will to not give up. It’s a swapped V8, Dana 40s, with a 4 link swap. This is a great scout/crawler truck that’s able to go just about anywhere. It comes out fitted with a verity of tools and packs, factory to overlanding.

This scout is equipped with loads of addons and a new tire from the DBZ line up. The F320 motor boats loads of power making this RIG a GOAT of a truck. The new added Lerma Amzons are killer in the mud and out on the rocks. For those really long trips be sure to swing by and visit the trailer store and see what’s in store.?.?

What’s up all. TnB_BIGDUBZ420 back with another mod. This time, this is a little more personal mod to me. It was built in likeness of a what I would picture the ultimate real life DubzTracker to look like. Please Enjoy and have on the trails!

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