Goodbye Mudrunner Excite Map v1

Goodbye Mudrunner Excite Map v1

Goodbye Mudrunner Excite Map v1

Goodbye Mudrunner Excite Map v1

What is Hard in Mudrunner? Everyone has a different concept of this term. For me, this is a competent ratio of mud, landscape and water.
Map dimensions ≈35.8 * 35.8 (1280 * 1280), you need Sp Mod. There is a short way to the garage, with a roadblock. At intelligence points, there are hidden in the forest, some near the road.

Slots for launch:
1) KamAZ 4310 – coupling;
2) KamAZ 4310 – frame;
3) UAZ 3151 – repair;
4) Zil 131 – fuel truck;
5) Ural 432010 – board;
6) + random cars.

There are 6 versions of the map: with a different number of sawmills, cars and the seasons. On some roads, in front of an obstacle, it is necessary to choose the correct path, it is possible to save yourself a winch in advance. Part of puddles with depth, causing damage to default transport.

More screenshots in my group. There was a stream on the map, more in my group.

The dirt is made with the possibility of passage Adega default, but with difficulties. Sawmills 2 next to loading according to my idea. I want you to ride the entire map before closing this file, the arcade can find a short way. I tried to make the map diverse in landscape, water, and roads. The map is not a corridor, it took the design of roads seriously, as well as the whole map. You can choose the roads to your taste, for example: drive along the bridge and along the ford running parallel to the bridge, go along a longer path or short to 1 sawmill, this works with intelligence points, etc.

If you want to compare my card, then consider the size and what kind of work on the account. My size is not standard, map 3 in a row, 1 serious. For me, the game ends, therefore I will not correct anything on the map, because I have not noticed any constructive stocks. Good luck, enjoy the game!

Meet me at Snowrunner!


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One Comment on “Goodbye Mudrunner Excite Map v1”

  1. Map not work.
    It’s like vehicles are fixed on the ground with superglue.
    If I select gear 1 vehicle can’t accelerate. With 1+ engine with stall.
    On automatic is selected gear 4/5 and engine stall.

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