Remove the red star

Remove the red star mudrunner

MOD removes the red star from the door of all equipment.

There is a game mod that removes the red star symbol from mudrunner equipment.

The “Red_star_fuck_off” mod replaces the red star with a blank space on all mudrunner equipment, making it less conspicuous and less likely to attract unwanted attention. The mod is easy to install and can be downloaded from a number of online sources. It’s a small but important change that makes the game more immersive and fun to play. If you’re fed up with those pesky red stars cluttering up your game screen, then this mod is for you! With a few simple clicks, you can clear your game of all red stars, leaving your vehicles and menu screens looking clean and tidy. And best of all, the mod is totally free! So why not give it a try today and see for yourself how much better your game looks without those unsightly red stars?

It only takes up 265 Bytes of space and it’s really easy to install!


– file gui_star__d_a is placed in the TextureCache archive;
– in any incomprehensible situation, clear the cache.


Ivan Kuznetsov

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Download mod

FileFile size
rar Red_star_fuck_off265 B

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